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Moabiter Geschichten – Läden

12.01.2019 15:00 Uhr
Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (ZK/U)
Siemensstraße 27 10551 Berlin

Finnissage der Moabiter Geschichten II – Moabiter Läden und ihre Nachbarn

We would like to invite you to the finissage of the ongoing nomadicart project, MOABIT STORIES II ‚Memories of a neighborhood: Archiving stories of local stores and their neighbours‘, made possible through collaboration between local artists and commercial spaces in Moabit. We will present works by participating artists Ki Hyun Park, Alexander Eick, Simone Brizzi, and Björn David Heyn and share the graphic outcomes of this project – posters and postcards – created from interviews with shops/space owners and outcomes of the neighborhood research.

The finissage will take place at the V.I.P Box in the Moabiter Stadtpark at Siemenstrasse 27, 10551. The V.I.P. Box is an uncovered public partial structure so PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING AN UMBRELLA

Participating artists:
Björn David Heyn,
Ki Hyun Park,
Alexander Eick,
Simone Brizzi,

More about the project:

The Moabiter Geschichten project is embedded within the fields of art and anthropology and involved in the realisation of different cultural activities: workshops, film festival curation/participation, exhibitions, installations and interventions in public space. Each element addresses the concepts of neighborhood, community, intangible heritage and archive, whilst aiming to foster interaction within the community and create new networks of relations amongst neighbours and residents. The objective of this project is to generate an extensive archive of Moabiters’ stories, feelings and perceptions of their shared urban environment. We also see the project as an interesting opportunity to further reflect on the changing social and economic makeup of Moabit and the influence this has on citizens and business owners. Like in most Berlin neighborhoods, Moabit is undergoing rapid socio-economic change. Engaging with neighbors, businesses (local and not)/their owners, and learning about their past, present, future offers the chance for additional stories/narratives to nuance and personalise an otherwise very structural change.