So können Sie mitmachen!

Berlinale Talents Event: Around the Block: Talents Goes Kiez

24.02.2020 17:00 Uhr
Filmrauschpalast in der Kulturfabrik Moabit
Lehrter Straße 35, 10557 Berlin

Welcome to the hood! The Filmrauschpalast in Berlin-Moabit invites you to join in with audience development specialists and locals to talk about the strategies that turn a cinema into the beating heart of a „Kiez“. In an open chat beginning with the topic of collectively managing a cinema, pragmatic questions about film programming for all ages and the importance of summer open airs come into focus, alongside the role of independent cinemas in promoting small but beautiful films. As gentrification and rising rents dramatically change the urban landscape in Berlin, the very idea of a „neighbourhood“ is subject to transformation. Luckily, this city knows how to keep culture vibrant and local.

Moderartor: Anne Lakeberg